Valling Ship Solutions is a recently established consulting company in the maritime business. The company is founded by boatbuilder and Naval Architect Tomas Valling, who after more than 10 years as leader of Valling Ship Survey and Principia North, still sees a need in the business for qualified councelling based on practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

“Valling Ship Solutions provide qualified knowledge on the basis of hands-on experience and the latest technology in the area, to our Danish as well as foreign customers.”

The employees in Valling Ship Solutions have gained this experience through years of employment with Tomas Valling as well as former employment with the Danish Maritime Authorities, Class societies, ship yards and other maritime companies.

In co-operation with Valling Ship Management, which was established in 2011, we offer complete solutions in connection with change of flag, conversions and newbuilding of passenger ships and special purpose ships for the offshore business. Other jobs such as inclining tests, thickness measurements, fire plans and production drawings are also made.

Valling Ship Management also holds a Document of Compliance for the operation of cargo ships and passenger ships, and also undertake crewing, registration of ships in the Danish Register of Shipping as well as the Danish International Register of Shipping and various other tasks.